Wolverine Filming in Australia and Not Vancouver Anymore

Dec 19 2017, 1:42 pm

The next installment of the X-Men Wolverine saga will be filming in Australia and not Vancouver as previously announced. This is another blow to the local film industry that is facing tough times with a high Canadian dollar and competition both nationally and internationally for that tiny slice of Hollywood’s pie. The loss of the production translates to 2000 jobs and 82 million dollars out of the city of Vancouver, reports The Province.

It’s being reported that Australia provided a $13-million cash incentive to 20th Century Fox to film the movie in Hugh Jackman’s homeland. Not sure if being close to Jackman’s home played a factor in the decision.

Vancouver is now the 4th largest film and television production centre in North America. It used to be number 3 but the recent tax credits in Ontario have helped them claim the number 3 spot.

B.C. has many advantages when it comes to getting film and television production jobs, including great crews, great infrastructure and competitive pricing.


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