Winter Wanderland by Gypsy Soul Designs

Dec 19 2017, 9:28 am

Upon capturing this incredible collection, where Boho meets Bollywood, I sat down with Gypsy Soul founders Brandi and Chelsea. This stylishly nomadic movement has spread like wildfire in the fashion industry.

CP: Your collection is absolutely beautiful. How did your line get started?

GS: We decided to go to India rather spontaneously, both having a love for travel and design. Being in India amongst all the beauty and amazing fabric inspired us to start Gypsy Soul and design our first collection, it was literally a conversation on a factory floor that propelled us into this crazy journey.


CP: What inspired you to call the line Gypsy Soul?

GS: It is who we are and how we live our lives.


CP: In your opinion, how is Vancouver’s general fashion sense compared to the rest of Canada’s?

GS: West Coast style is more about a bohemian carefree sense, less structured but with still a very chic city edge.


CP: It seems like your starting a new trend with today’s fashion. What do you think separates you from other lines?

GS: We don’t follow any rules [laughs].


CP: I understand you didn’t originally start in a store, but actually at festivals and markets. Do you think this helped grow your clientele more quickly?

GS: With our unconventional Gypsy lifestyle we prefer to roam, in saying that, our ability to create pop up shops all over has allowed us to further our reach and demographic more so then being stagnant in one spot.

CP: Where do most of your concepts/fashion inspirations come from?

GS: Travel.


CP: Your collections so far have been Indian Summer, Harvest Moon, Hot in the City, and Winter Wanderland. What is your next collection going to be called?

GS: Our next upcoming collection will be for spring 2014. It is our Cosmic Collection.

CP: Will the collection names stay the same with seasons or are they constantly changing each year?

GS: We are constantly evolving and changing, as are our collections.


CP: Do you have any plans to open stores around the world, or do you find attending festivals and markets works better?

GS: We are continually growing our brand internationally and expanding our wholesale retailers, as we do this we will always stay true to our roots of festival and market life. Gypsies need to roam!

CP: Where is the Gypsy Headquarters located?

GS: Our Gypsy HQ is located in the Arts District, Cannery Lane downtown Kelowna.

CP: Do you plan to keep it in Kelowna, or will you have other headquarters around the world?

GS: For now this will be our flagship, but we will also be looking at setting up in both India and Bali as our manufacturing and global distribution grows.


CP: Which Disney Princesses’s would wear your line and why?

GS: Princess Jasmin, obviously lol.

CP: Why do you live by the saying “Always go?” How did that come about?

GS: Always go is not only our mantra, but a constant reminder of how we live our life with passion every single day. Chelsea’s grandmother who always had the gypsy spirit lived her life according to this, and even in her passing had it placed in her headstone.


CP: Will you ever come out with a men’s line?

GS: Last summer we did a small men’s collection and it flew out the door, so we will definitely be doing another!

CP: When can we catch you in Vancouver next? 

GS: Mid February…we will be launching our Resort and Spring 2014.


CP: I think we should do a contest for the Vancity Buzz readers. What do you think? Are you willing to do a draw or giveaway for whoever shares this or likes your Facebook page?

GS: Yes! We would be happy to give away a $100 dollar gift certificate to our online store if you “like” and “share” this interview and our page. Check back on our Facebook page February 1st to find out if you won!

Our online store: IG: @gypsysouldesigns FB: gypsysoulbc


CP: Awesome! Thanks ladies & good luck contestants!

GS: Thanks Courtney & Vancity Buzz!

Owners of Gypsy Soul Designs. (left) Brandi (right) Chelsea.

Owners of Gypsy Soul Designs. (left) Brandi (right) Chelsea.

Photography & Interview by: Courtney Paige Theroux 

Models: Hannah, Natalie, & Brandi

Hair & Makeup by: Amanda Naito & Madi Moore

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