Winter style, you don't have to sacrifice it for comfort

Dec 19 2017, 6:52 am

If you’ve dared to venture outside of the warmth of your home in the past couple of days, you may have noticed the warm tones of red, orange, and brown fading into icy shades of white, grey, and blue. That’s right, winter has arrived. As cool fall nights turn into brisk winter evenings, fashionistas far and wide are faced with a reoccurring moral dilemma: how do we keep up with the trends while also staying warm? Really what it comes down to is whether we’re willing to sacrifice style in order to prevent ourselves from becoming human popsicles. However, I’m here to put an end to this impending issue. Gather round, clothing lovers far and wide, for I have made a list of ways to maintain style while also keeping toasty.

Your winter coat: Let’s face it, unless you want to freeze right in your tracks on your way home, you’re going to need one. While it may seem like winter coats are bulky and boring, this season’s parkas are anything but. Army green is a huge trend and with a little bit of fur, you really can’t go wrong. Don’t worry about hiding the fabulous outfit you have on underneath; choose a jacket that’s thicker than what you’d normally purchase, that way you can leave it unzipped, giving the world a little peak at your ensemble underneath. Just avoid white Michelin Man style jackets—the only marshmallows you should be encountering should be in your hot chocolate.

Legwarmers: Contrary to popular belief, legwarmers also look good outside of a 1980’s Madonna music video. With colours ranging from maroon to teal, leg warmers allow you to keep wearing your favorite pair of pants while also staying warm. With the latest trend of coloured pants, the combination of legwarmers and skinnies are limitless. Match some mint skinnies with a pair of off-white legwarmers and you’re golden. This also means that you can still wear nylons in the winter—just make sure it’s on the slightly warmer winter days. While playing around with all the different colours can be fun, stay away from the neon tones. I’m all about making a statement, but you don’t want to be known as the girl with highlighters for legs.

Toques & knit headbands: The trend is sticking around for yet another winter and I for one am thankful, because not only do toques and knit headbands keep your noggin’ warm, they are also a fantastic solution to bad hair days. Whether it’s small and fitted or big and baggy, you can’t go wrong with a toque. With the popularity of knit headbands on the rise, nearly every store that sells accessories is coming out with their own design and I have yet to find one I dislike. Keep your head warm, look amazing and hide any disastrous hair problems you may be having: what could possibly go wrong?
Tube scarves: My motto with scarves this season: the bigger the better. Match a chunky oversized scarf with, well… pretty much anything and you can change the look of your entire outfit. Whether you pair it with a blazer, a sweater-dress, a plain long-sleeve shirt and jeans, you really can’t mess up. Just make sure that the scarf isn’t some wimpy silk scarf that you wore last season. Find a tube scarf that covers as much of your neck as possible for maximum heating potential.

Boots: Trust me, I’m having a hard time parting with my flats and oxfords as well, but it’s time to face the cold reality: we can’t wear those anymore. But have no fear; winter means boot season and nothing makes me happier than being able to walk through slush without worrying about cold feet. While knee high boots are cute and cowboy boots seem to never go out of style, those are not ideal for this winter. Combat boots are edgy yet sophisticated, varying in style and colour. However, be careful. There’s a lot of flimsy combat boots out there that just won’t last through the winter. Find ones that have some grip on the bottom so you’re not walking around in constant fear of slipping on some black ice. For double the style points, find ones that have wool lining on the inside.

Wool socks: Another benefit that comes with boot season is the ability to match them with a thick, warm pair of wool socks. Reasonably priced and ranging in colour, design and length (you can even find some knee-high wool socks!) this winter accessory can make your outfit. Just slip a pair on over-top of whatever bottoms you’re wearing; after all, layering isn’t just for your torso! Be sure to avoid any brightly coloured or extravagant patterned socks if you’re matching them with coloured boots or patterned pants. However, if you’re rocking a pair of wool-lined leggings (which by the way, everyone should own) experiment with the variety of wool socks that are available to you! Your feet will love you and your ensemble will have that finishing touch you were looking for.

Before you leave the house feeling like your incredible outfit is hidden underneath a flurry of puffy jackets, bulky shoes and hideously designed winter accessories only serving the purpose of warmth, think again. Style and comfort can go hand-in-hand with the right scarf, pair of socks and parka. After all, we wouldn’t want to catch a cold this winter, how would we find the energy to go shopping?


Image by Coolich Beanies

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