Wine Wednesday: Joie Rosé

I love drinking Rosé in the summer. Next to bubbly, it is one of those wines that can make any night feel special. It’s great mixed into a sangria, wonderful really cold and amazing on it’s own. For the Joie Farm Rosé, I suggest enjoying it chilled on your favourite patio. It’s one of the best B.C. Rosés. 

Food pairings

I love having this wine with appetizers, such as crudités and dip, oysters and even BBQ ribs. Rosé is great with pork because it’s not as heavy as a red wine, but can provide more body and taste than a white. The grape skins are left on for a shortened period of time, so it imparts more tannins into the wine. It’s so versatile, so try it with different types of food and see what you think.

Flavour profile

This wine is extremely refreshing, especially when served direct from the fridge or an ice bucket. It is slightly herbaceous, full of berry notes and brightened with some amazing citrus flavours.

Written by Sophie Collins, contributer to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Sophie on Twitter at @sophie_collins or on her blog, Sip Savour Share