Wine Wednesday: Joie Muscat

Dec 19 2017, 8:05 am

Joie Farm is one of my favourite B.C. wineries. Their wines are full of flavour, rustic and are consistently great. They are the first winery I gravitate to on local wine lists. I hadn’t tried their Muscat, so decided to pick it up to sip on the patio before the end of the summer. The results, as described below, were overwhelmingly positive.

Food pairings

This wine would be fabulous with a cheese plate. I love to mix and match wines with different cheeses to see how they change the flavour. I especially think a crostini with a nice big slice of parmesan, topped with honey and maybe a fig would be a perfect complement to this slightly sweet wine.

Flavour profile

The aroma of the Joie Muscat is full of stone fruits like apricot and peach. It makes you want to dive right in. The taste is lightly flavoured with floral and vanilla notes. It is citrus-forward with a perfectly balanced and long finish. This wine will not disappoint as a gift, a table wine and even with tonight’s dinner.

Happy #WineWednesday!