Wine in Vancouver: Seasons in the Park Winebar Events + Whiskies from around the World

From March to September this year, Seasons in the Park will be offering a series of tasting events that explore wines, spirits, and more! These tasting events will take place in their newly-renovated winebar every other Tuesday night; they are golden opportunities to taste and learn about wine from brand ambassadors. Each wine served is also expertly paired with a tasty appetizer that the chef specifically chooses.

The next upcoming wine tasting event is the Evolution of Painted Rock Wines on Tuesday, March 26. On this evening, Painted Rock Estate Winery proprietor, John Skinner will provide a discussion and tasting of his wines, including his award winning 2009 Red Icon. More about this event and ticket sales can be found here.

Last week on March 12th, the event was Whiskies from around the World in commemoration of St. Patrick’s day. This event provided four whiskey tastings and four appetizers for just $30. It was an interesting experience for many because it is less common to pair whiskey with food. The Jameson ambassador Donn O’Lochlainn was also present to provide his expert descriptions of these whiskies and their origins.

The first whiskey was the Johnny Walker Red Label. This is the world’s best-selling Scotch and it is known for its bold and smoky taste. It was paired with a soft Korean short rib with pickled slaw that offered both sweet and salty flavours.

The second whiskey was the Jack Daniel’s. A familiar label to many, this American whiskey is sweet and woody because it is made with 80% corn. Its sweetness was balanced out with the freshness of the Cod fritter with lemon aioli.

The third whiskey was the Crown Royal from our own beloved Canada. This whiskey has a high rye content which gives it a sweet, caramel finish. It was paired with the Chicken satay with cashew sauce that had a neutral and understated taste.

Last but not least was the Jameson Irish Whiskey. Appropriate for St. Patrick’s day, this whiskey is smooth and has noticeable cherry undertones. It worked fantastically with the sweet Apple bread pudding with caramel sauce.

You can learn more about the Seasons in the Park winebar and their events at their website here. To stay in the loop about future wine tastings, sign up for their Tasting Newsletters to receive updates via e-mail.

Thank you for reading; see you at my next food adventure!

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Written by Justin Leigh, contributor to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Justin on Twitter @jsleigh14.