You could win $1 billion CAD in lottery prizes this weekend

Mar 15 2018, 10:36 pm

Lottery fever is back, Canada!

Two American lotteries are offering incredible jackpot prizes and you have a chance to win them – without leaving your home in Canada.

The Powerball jackpot is currently $589 million CAD ($455 million USD) while the Mega Millions jackpot is set at $447 million CAD ($345 million USD). Both jackpots are on the rise and could be won in their next draw.

Powerball set a world record back in January 2016 by awarding a $1.58 billion USD jackpot. And amazingly, Canadians can “purchase a Powerball ticket…play the game and…collect prizes.” The official Powerball website clearly states: “You do not have to be a [US] citizen or a resident to play the game.”

With that being said there’s no need for you to cross the border from Canada into the U.S to take a chance on winning the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots. It’s possible to play from any location simply by purchasing official tickets online through ticket messenger service theLotter.

So how can you play Powerball and Mega Millions from Canada?

You can register via theLotter and purchase official lottery tickets to play Mega Millions and Powerball, or any of the other 50+ lotteries from around the world that are offered.

Here’s how it works: theLotter’s local agents in the U.S will buy tickets on your behalf. In return, the website charges a transaction fee and you will get a scan of your tickets before the draw. When you win a prize, it’s entirely yours as commissions aren’t taken from winning tickets.

The system brings results, as can be seen in the stories of lucky lottery players who won millions without setting foot in the U.S.

1) A woman from Panama who won the $30 million USD Florida Lotto jackpot prize

Despite being retired, Aura D. from Panama had continued working to support her kids. She had only been playing with theLotter for about two months before she scored her big win – the first place prize in the Florida Lotto. Aura was the sole jackpot winner in a July 2017 draw, entitling her to the entire $30 million USD jackpot minus taxes.

2) The man from Iraq who won the Oregon Megabucks jackpot without leaving Baghdad

Baghdad resident M.M. won the $6.4 million USD Oregon Megabucks jackpot in August 2015. This lottery win was such a unique story that it was reported across media outlets like the New York TimesNBC, CNN, and the Associated Press. Each publication noted that it was perfectly legal for foreigners to win American lottery prizes by purchasing official tickets online at theLotter.

3) The Canadian who won a $1 million USD Powerball prize at theLotter

Like thousands of other Canadians, P. from Quebec started playing lottery online when Powerball offered its record jackpot. Luckily for P., he continued playing Powerball in the following weeks and ended up winning the $1 million second division prize in the draw on February 27, 2016.

“We’re in Canada and it is hard to buy tickets from the States,” P. said, noting that he was extremely pleased that he had discovered theLotter.

4) A woman from Ukraine won a $1 million USD Mega Millions prize

TheLotter’s most recent big win came in September 2017 when Nataliia from Ukraine won a $1 million Mega Millions second prize.

The list of lucky lottery players keeps growing. Over the years, theLotter has paid out over $85 million in prizes to more than three million winners from across the globe. And with the Powerball jackpot currently at $589 million CAD and Mega Millions at $447 million CAD, Canada’s avid lottery players undoubtedly share dreams of lottery riches.

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