Petition wants Willie Pickton biography taken off

Dec 19 2017, 8:18 pm

A book written about notorious Port Coquitlam serial killer Robert “Willie” Pickton is stirring controversy online and has spawned a petition to have it removed from


The book called “Pickton: In His Own Words” is written by Michael Chilldres and claims to tell the killer’s side of what really happened on his Port Coquitlam pig farm. The petition says Amazon needs to think of the families who were affected by Pickton’s crimes.

“We urge Amazon to consider the implications of this book’s sale, to respect the families of the victims of serial killer Robert Pickton and to remove his book from,” reads the petition.

Robert Pickton was convicted of the second-degree murders of six women in 2007 and was charged in the deaths of another 20. Many of these women were residents of the Downtown Eastside.

Pickton admitted to killing 49 women to an undercover police officer posing as a cellmate and said he had wanted to make it an even 50, but he got “sloppy.”

The petition has garnered over 1,100 signatures in a span of 11 hours at the time of publication. Many commenters – some claiming to be related to Pickton’s victims – voiced their opinions on the petition’s site.

“I am the cousin of Tanya Holyk who was murdered by Robert Pickton and I find this very disrespectful AMAZON and MICHAEL CHILLDRES,” reads a comment by Lorelei Williams.

“Because Brenda Wolfe was my daughter and she does not need to be exploited again and again, family members are continuing to be victimized by this person,” reads another by Elaine Belanger.

Solicitor General Mike Norris says the government plans to investigate.

“It is deeply disturbing to hear that a book about Robert Pickton’s story is being sold.  We are taking this very seriously and investigating every means available to ensure that the families involved are protected from further harm and that Robert Pickton will not profit in any way from this book,” says Norris in a statement. 

The book claims to tell a story of “complete corruption” by the RCMP and police commissioner during the investigation. It’s available for purchase for less than $15 and is self-published via Outskirts Press.

There are currently no B.C. laws in place that prevent self-publishing books from prison.