Why I'm Voting For the B.C. Liberals On May 12th

Dec 19 2017, 11:49 am


Now I know many of you love to hate me. To the commenter yesterday, yes I’m in my 20’s and yes I don’t have any children. However, in terms of business experience I’m a 7 year veteran. Okay, veteran is a poor choice of words, but I’ve made many calculated risks on par with many in the league of space alien magicians. Make no mistake, I’ve effed up numerous times, however each time I learn from it and come out a stronger and smarter person. I have my loyal followers, so if you can’t handle my sarcastic and sometimes immature ways, then by all means don’t read my posts.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’d like to shift my focus to the upcoming provincial election. A recent comment summed up just how I feel, here is what Boffo Billyhill had to say:

We are in somewhat tough times due to the economic woes, however no party is at fault for that, I think most of us would agree on that. I do think that Campbell, although arrogant, has lead us along to a stronger position now that we would have been under an NDP government. Decisions made in government will never be fully popular with all,that is the nature of the beast. However BC is said to be in very good financial shape compared to the rest of Canada. We should not mess with this right now, what we need is a stable government to carry us through, and that means no change ( at least at this time ). It would be bad for us to allow the NDP to experiment with our economy at this time. What I feel we need to do is ride out this storm with the same government that has kept us in better shape than most. What we have may not be ideal for most, but it is working, perhaps left well enough alone for now.

Stick with the devil you know ?

That my friends is why I’m voting Liberal.

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun

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