Whoa Whoa Hold on!! Luongo hasn’t asked for a trade, YET. Or has he?

Dec 19 2017, 5:41 am

Despite reports from TSN and Sportsnet of Roberto Luongo asking for a trade or distributing a list of teams to Mike Gillis, Gillis has refuted such statements on the Team 1040 Thursday morning.  “We’ve met, but we’ve decided that we’re just going to take our time and meet in a few days or talk in a few days on the phone,” he said. “So, I’m not quite sure why something like that would be out there.”

With Schneider starting the last 3 games of the 1st round match-up between the Canucks and Kings, it has led many to believe that Luongo could be on his way out of Vancouver.  Luongo also agreed in his final media appearance before the off-season that if he was asked to waive his NTC, he would agree to waive it.  Everyone honestly needs to relax for a second here, it’s not even the end of the playoffs and everyone is making up stories, wait till the actual off-season begins and then let the speculating begin, for right now, RELAX.

Many people are starting to get headaches from these rumors about Luongo in Vancouver, one day, he says he’s going to do what’s best for the team, the next day he’s got a wish list ready, like its Christmas, and the next he’s demanding a trade out of Vancouver like he’s Dany Heatley.  Everyone just needs to take a deep breath, there will be enough time this offseason for the Ryan Malone for Luongo speculation, or Luongo to the Leafs speculation.  Remember, it’s still playoffs.

If when Luongo got together for his final meeting with Gillis, Luongo pointed out that the team looked it would be moving on with Schneider, what’s Luongo going to say? Let me return to be the backup goalie?  Remember, Luongo is only 33, and has a couple more years left in him; he could lead another team to the Cup Finals, just like he did with the Canucks.   What if Luongo said he didn’t see a future in Vancouver is that really requesting a trade?  Maybe.  When Luongo met with media for the final time before the off-season, he made it clear that it was Schneider’s time, and said “he could dominate for 10, 12, 15 years”.  Maybe that last part was a bit overreacting from Luongo’s part, but I think you guys get the picture.

So in closing, no one knows what’s going on.  No one knows where Luongo could possibly be going. Despite reports of a list that had Chicago, Tampa Bay, Florida, Toronto, and New Jersey, only two of them in my mind made sense, while one was like a maybe.  Everyone just needs to relax, the 2nd round of the playoffs are beginning tonight, watch it.  Stop giving fuel to these Luongo rumors, because NONE of us here in Vancouver know where he could be going except for one person, and that’s Roberto Luongo.  I know many of you want our All-Star goaltender out of Vancouver, and I really don’t know why, but just WAIT, give it time.

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