White Rock investigates pit bull attack that injured elderly woman

Aug 29 2016, 10:29 pm

Bylaw enforcement officers are investigating a pit bull attack in White Rock.

Spokesperson with the city, Farnaz Farrokhi, says an elderly woman in her 70s was taking her Yorkshire Terrier for a walk back on August 20 when the incident took place.

“We have the victim who was taking her dog out for a walk, and the pit-bull suddenly appeared from a nearby property and started to attack her dog. In order to protect her dog, she jumped and covered it.”

She was taken to hospital with gruesome injuries to her hand.

The victim says the pit bull seemed to come out of nowhere.

Both continue to heal, but her dog is in a lot of pain.

The City is actively investigating this incident and is considering taking serious action against the owner of the pit bull as well as the dog itself, which the City’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers have deemed to be aggressive.

Originally posted on CKNW.com