New ready-to-drink Crown Royal cocktails will keep you refreshed this summer

Jun 22 2021, 6:53 pm

As Canadians, we like to consider our warm, lush summers — short as they may be — as a reward for enduring the harsh winters.

Long, sunny days are reserved for spending time outdoors, pink-hued sunsets, and memorable times with loved ones — all of which we like to savour with a drink in hand.

Contrary to common misconceptions, whisky drinks aren’t solely for providing a sense of warmth during the chillier months. And, now, with the advent of Crown Royal’s new ready-to-drink cocktails, whisky drinks are looking especially fit for the summer season.

“Ready-to-drink products are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to enjoy your favourite cocktail without compromise,” says Crown Royal’s Director of Marketing, Mark Phillips. “Crown Royal RTD can be enjoyed at the beach, the cottage, or even in your own backyard.”

It’s no coincidence that the award-winning Canadian whisky brand is introducing its new lineup of premium mixed drinks cross-country in synchronicity with the warmer months. Whisky lovers — or those who are whisky-curious — can sip on their favourite premium spirit in canned cocktail form. The only step required is chilling the can.

The inspiration behind the new whisky drink? Bringing ready-to-drink ease to the world of top-notch whisky with a roster of curated and complementary cocktail flavours.

Drake Stefan/Crown Royal

Among the lineup of anticipated flavours is Peach Tea, Cranberry Apple, and whisky drink classic: Whisky and Cola.

“Our inspiration behind our flavour choice was to bridge the gap between whisky lovers and cocktail enthusiasts,” says Phillips. “Consumers today expect premium taste and the convenience of the RTD format. There is zero compromise with their cocktails.”

A meld of delicious stone fruit and brewed tea, the Peach Tea blend masterfully balances sweet, bitter, and oaky flavours. Cranberry Apple, on the other hand, combines Crown Royal with the tart, sweet notes of crisp apple and sparkling cranberry. A perennial favourite, the Whisky and Cola blends classic flavours for an enduring and winning combo.

Best of all, they’re ready to crack open just in time for the blissful summer months.

To sample the seasonal bevvy for yourself, you can find Crown Royal’s ready-to-drink canned cocktails on the shelves of your local liquor store.

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