Where to watch Game of Thrones in Vancouver

Jul 10 2017, 7:16 pm

The gods have spoken and winter is upon us!

Yes, Sunday we must brace ourselves for the season 7 premier of Game of Thrones.

Of course you could watch it at home, huddled on the couch rocking back and forth in the foetal position as the White Walkers appear on screen.

But where’s the fun in that?

Instead why not join a rag tag hoard of likeminded fans and watch the season opener at a bar?

One such watering hole is downtown’s The Butcher & Bullock, which has agreed to welcome people of the Seven Kingdoms.

“Yes we are excited to be showing Game of thrones again this year.” wrote Bret Hames in an e-mail sent to Daily Hive.

“We premier each new episode weekly at both 6pm and then again at 9pm”

On Sunday nights they offer a prime rib of beef dinner feature for $18, select 1/2 price bottles of VQA wine and rotating $5 sleeves of local craft beer.

Fit for a king, or whoever the latest inhabitant of the Iron Throne may be.

“Devouring a prime rib dinner and a few glasses of hearty red whilst watching GOT on a 16 foot screen is one of the most satisfying experiences one can have.”

“I can’t wait,” said Brand and Marketing Director, Damon Holowchak. “We have a 202 inch’ big screen,” he added.

They can’t promise Hodor will be there to hold the door for you so reservations are advised, and guests should plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to the program starts.

In previous years, Vancouver’s geek haven The Stormcrow Tavern has also held special Game of Thrones viewing events. However, at the time of writing they were unable to confirm if they would be hosting fans this weekend.

 Game of Thrones Season 7

  • Where: The Butcher & Bullock
  • When: 6 pm and 9 pm
  • Admission: Free | Reservations are advised