Where is my loose moose or goose?

Dec 19 2017, 5:33 am

Originally, a one-night stand was a single theatre performance, usually by a guest performer on tour, as opposed to an ongoing engagement. Today, however, the term is more commonly defined as a single “encounter” in which neither participant has any intention or expectation of a relationship to come out of it.

You may or may not have, were close to, or don’t remember experiencing an encounter. Some may find it quite enjoyable and gallop down the street with happy hormones, some may find it degrading, some may find it degrading but still do it any way, and some want to experience this sloppy awkwardness, but think they may feel degraded in the cab ride home the next morning. Now I’m speaking from a woman’s perspective, so I’m not entirely sure what it is like for men. But as human to human, I’m hypothesizing that the thoughts of a one night stand for men could potentially fit into one of those categories.

I feel like this completely intentional situation that millions of people decide to act upon is something that is usually judged and frowned upon. If you are to jump (literally) at the chance of participating in a little bit of the hanky panky with a random, you could be flagged as being a woman or man of the night, flagrantly accessible, a loose moose or a loose goose. You can share your stories with that friend who will gladly grace you with a chest bump or a flailing hug, yet there are others that you won’t even bother telling because they’ll give you the stink eye and a swift kick to your right ankle.

What is really so bad about being flagrantly accessible? If you really think about it, a one-night stand stand only involves  a man and a woman, meeting in a public place, having an intriguing conversation, consuming beverages, fake laughing way too loud, batting eyelashes, and then experiencing an intense and unexplainable sexual chemistry that needs to be quickly ignited before they both explode, followed by a decision to go at it, knowing that they potentially will never talk to the other person again.

What is so bad about that?

Maybe we should try to accept the fact that we are humans beings with primitive urges, and sometimes we need to fulfil those urges with something that isn’t $80 and/or bright purple. If we happen to find someone that isn’t purple and can easily do the trick, then great! Why not indulge in this new idea of a one-night stand? Side note: This new idea should include mandatory courtesy, respect, and safety of the other individual. Chest bumps and flailing hugs for humanity!  If you are honest about your choices, and you can still experience life upholding, respecting and loving yourself, then why not let loose for a night if opportunity arises?

What if a one-night stand could be something that is considered human nature, and not a discriminatory effect? Maybe accepting people’s choices and avoiding blame or judgement could be one small step leading to a more compassionate and loving Vancouver?

What do you think?


DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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