When Raccoons attack in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 6:07 am

CTV reported that a woman was in hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being attacked by a raccoon in the Coal Harbour neighbourhood in downtownVancouver this past Wednesday. For residents of downtown hearing about a vicious raccoon is not out of the norm. They’re usually very protective, especially around trash bins. However, an attack by a raccoon is far more rare. Chances are this raccoon was on a sugar high after rummaging through some delectable treats found in the trash.

As written in CTV:

Witnesses said the woman was walking her dog near Cardero and West Hastings streets in Coal Harbour when a raccoon attacked her dog and then turned on her. The raccoon viciously bit and scratched her legs for several minutes, even after she picked up her dog and tried to run away.

Think raccoons are harmeless, think again. Check out this video:

Buzz Tip: Openfile.ca for the Video

I think the city needs a superhero, one that knows the raccoons inside and out. Who better to call at a time of need then The Coon!