What’s Old is New Again

Dec 19 2017, 1:34 pm

How to avoid guilt:

Living on a college budget does not entail shopping splurges and reckless spending on unnecessary clothing items… but I believe it can be justified if you’re smart and a little creative

My favorite fashion comes from mixing more expensive items with some previously-loved articles. Although I do appreciate a nice Hermes scarf, I’m a bargain hunter at heart. I have found that Vancouver offers some neat thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. Generally, the trick to getting a fabulous find at the right price is to scout out the “thrift stores” as opposed to the “vintage stores.” By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary markups.

Thou shall not be afraid to dig – If you truly want to find the gems, you need to be ready to search. I almost get a sense of pride when I discover something really nice that is not too hard on the bank account.

 What to Look For:

 Thrift stores can be hard to navigate, and many of us don’t have hours to pass. A couple of things that are easily found and a good buy are as follows:

  •  burnt orange blouses
  •  navy anything
  •  tan leather
  •  bangles
  •  loose tanks
  • patterns!

What to avoid:

  • white (usually stained)
  • earrings (if you’re a germaphobe)
  • blouses over $10

Featured Thrift Shop

 My Favorite Thrift Shop

2765 4th Ave W
Vancouver, BC V6K 1P9

 “Fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra filled the shop as I stepped in; I already knew this place was a winner. Although it was rather hard to move around and perhaps not the most organized, there was a great mix of real vintage finds (aka from the 60’s, 70’s, etc), as well as current popular brands.  The staff was very friendly and helpful. In addition, the store contributes a percentage of sales to BC’s Children with Disabilities. Not only can you find some bargain buys, but you’re also giving back to the community. I’d say that’s a double win.


Amazing deals – these items are similar to those found at Aritzia, BCBG, and Anthropologie. But why pay $80 when you can toonie?

Alfred Sung Blouse (left & centre right), $3

Daniel Hechter blouse (left & centre left), $2

Mondi Sport Skirt by Escada (centre left), $2

Juicy Couture Jacket (far right), $15

Check back for more tips on finding the steals around Vancouver!









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