What's going on with wind power in British Columbia?

Dec 19 2017, 10:50 pm

When it comes to our economy, where does B.C. stand? Is this the promised land, or no man’s land? How are today’s economic conditions going to affect our jobs, our savings or our decisions for our future? Resources, technology and all these different sectors are evolving around us and affecting our economy and our lifestyle choices.


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When it comes to wind energy in B.C., are we underselling ourselves?

CKNW sat down with Ian Baille of the Canadian Wind Energy Association to talk about wind energy in B.C., or rather, the lack of wind energy in B.C.

According to Baille, companies have already committed $10 billion to invest in the province, but the province is dragging its heels.

“We’re willing to do it, we’re willing to invest, we’re willing to create these jobs… it takes a political effort to do that,” Baille said.

Meanwhile, wind energy is booming in other places, including Texas, which according to Baille, is the number one producer of wind in the U.S., and has plans to build another 10,000 megawatts of new wind generation in the next decade.

While they have made some progress in B.C., “the answer for us can’t be, we have to wait 15 years to invest in this province,” Baille said.

Listen to the interview with Ian Baille:

Hear the real stories, of real communities, real people and real companies who are enjoying new opportunities through clean, sustainable wind energy:

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