What 'Style' of Yoga do you Teach? | Troy Turi

Dec 19 2017, 2:33 pm

I teach… Yoga. Not style. Not an idea of it. Any word that is put in front of the word, ‘yoga’ is just another idea we’re going to have to get over in our pursuit back to Self. That is suffering ‘person’ified. Self, to me is: Living withIn and recognizing myself as existence itself. The side effect of not living in your head is Joy. Why not pursue that? Whenever we don’t experience this taste of life, it simply means that right now, you are living in your head. Where there is no feeling… Life.

No, It’s hard enough staying focused on how to stay present and remain in the Ocean of life and not get distracted into wanting to be an important drop, so why put a new word in front of yoga, the Union between Polarities, the force to bring you back. Look what happened to Anusara; all Anusara showed me is that those people were looking for a Way into their own hearts. How did that work out when the very teacher of the practice itself became the exact thing they needed to open up their hearts, not the idea of how to do it: It didn’t.

I like the short-cuts, you do all the work, I will teach and hold and live within my presence in the shared space, hold It, like a lion tamer, taming the only thing that gets in the way, mInd. Our minds are desperate, needing the escape, needing a better moment always. Why not just stay on course. I see why it is not popular, at first it takes work. A lot of Yoga practice. To see… Yoga is not an evolution, it is a De-evolution back into you uncovering what Is right here. It is a way into the one thing that we’re all looking for, ‘Be still… know thy Self.” You also don’t have to be doing postures either to BE… yoga. The class is less about the postures and more about who may come into the class uninvited during the class and how would you respond. It goes back to how much you want it. Spirituality is the search for OneSelf, and as far as i’m concerned during ‘my’ classes, the finding of… You… BEing in your life. Not looking for it in your head, not seeking ‘joy’, but recognizing where it lives. This is what is ‘taught’. Making friends with The Unknown. Where Life lives and grows. There are no exceptions… how you do the class is how you do life out there. I love watching my students grow or fight themselves during class, sometimes they fight me.

All tensions, pains are friends though, they just push you back into loving yourself. So the dance is to find You. Not what you already know, ‘you.’ No exceptions, if I hold a space of truth, then don’t/can’t come into the class and expect that you’re going to run into anything other than your own in the room… so… sorry, to answer your question… I teach… yoga. The Union.. between the polarities… is You. Not the ‘you’, you think you are… There is nothing original about your personality. Everything else about you is the most unique expression of Life. Life is my favorite thing. The best things in Life are four letter words… Life. Love. Kind. Troy.

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The evidence of God lies in that somebody may have the answer to Life, but Life waits for you to want it and become it before revealing itself Whole and Holy. Such a beautiful set-up and kindness.

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Turi Yoga – You are the key.

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