What is Virtual Vancouver?

Dec 19 2017, 12:30 pm

I thought today I’d share a little bit about Virtual Vancouver, a site where I spend a lot of my free time on. Virtual-Vancouver.com is part of a Virtual World Web of interconnected 3D communities that are filled with content, businesses and retail stores that deliver a vastly more enriching and satisfying user experience than the flat World Wide Web. It’s kind of like the sims, but way more interactive and real.

As a user of Virtual-Vancouver you actually have a presence in the virtual world. This 3D, lifelike representation of yourself takes the form of the Avatar, which can talk and interact with other Avatars, 3D objects, embedded web pages, streaming video and even flash programs. Users choose the way their Avatar looks, their race, clothing, tattoos, piercings, and other features.
Inspired by Vancouver’s recognizable landmarks and its architecture, Virtual-Vancouver has become the central hub of the Virtual World Web for art and music. Hundreds of bands perform live concerts each year in clubs and bars throughout the virtual city. Artist’s works line the walls of galleries and art museums, with actual paintings, sculptures and photographs selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars to bidders and buyers.
The community celebrates several weddings online every day. Users can hold or attend concerts, comedy shows, classes, lectures, book readings, movie screenings, contests, games and a wide range of other events. Local Vancouver business owners and businesses from all over the world have opened shops that provide everything from real-world clothing and goods, to restaurant sidewalk cafes to services like psychic readings and wellness counseling.
As a place to socialize and a place to network, Virtual-Vancouver is unparalleled. Users can easily find other users to meet or they can hang out with mutual friends. Artists and musicians can connect with each other and other people in their fields; and there is always something interesting to do!
Note: You will need to install a version of Virtual-Vancouver on your computer before you can begin to navigate through the 3D world. Don’t worry it’s quick and completely safe.
Log onto www.virtual-vancouver.com to download for free or to learn more.
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