What could you do with a year’s worth of fresh Houweling's Tomatoes? Enter #365Green Contest!

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 am

As a second-generation greenhouse tomato grower in Canada and the US, Casey Houweling of Houweling’s Tomatoes is dedicated to delivering a full range of delicious tasting non-GMO certified tomatoes, using some of the most sustainable greenhouse principles and practices in the world. 

Houweling’s Tomatoes are grown hydroponically in nutrient rich liquid in two state-of-the art greenhouses facilities in Delta, British Columbia and Camarillo, California. By growing tomatoes in a controlled environment without the use of soil or herbicides, Houweling’s Tomatoes can be grown closer to home year-round, reducing the need to import produce from other countries and delivering fresher produce to consumer’s tables.

Locally grown greenhouse tomatoes are a sustainable alternative to imported tomatoes, so before you make your next salad, give pause to where your tomatoes come from and what impact that might have on our environment.


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Share your sustainability tips or stories on the Houweling’s Tomatoes Facebook page for a chance to win a year’s supply of non-GMO certified Houweling’s Tomatoes. They will deliver a bunch to your house every two weeks!  Remember don’t put tomatoes in the fridge – keep them on the counter like other fruits – so they keep their flavour!

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You can enter every day – 10 people will be chosen!

Casey Houweling’s vision for sustainability is based on the principles and practices of environmental soundness, economic feasibility and social equity. With these principles and practices in mind, Casey has implemented a number of measures to ensure all Houweling’s Tomatoes facilities conserve precious natural resources throughout the cultivation process:

Five acres of photovoltaic solar panels at our Camarillo site provide one megawatt of electricity. In terms of carbon dioxide reduction from conventional energy sources, this is equivalent to removing 300 cars from the road.

We do all we can to collect and reuse water. A four-acre on-site retention pond captures rainwater and runoff, filtration technology cleans and recirculates, and computer-monitored drip irrigation conserves.

In California, we produce in excess of 24 times the amount of tomatoes as traditional field farming. It would take over 3,000 acres (7,000 acres farm gate) of open fields to match the output of our 125 acres under glass in Camarillo.

Heat is collected from refrigeration equipment, solar thermal and irrigation water for use in heating the greenhouses, thereby displacing natural gas.

Over 90% of waste is recycled.

Their new 8.8 megawatt heat-and-power cogeneration technology at Camarillo is the first of its kind in the United States to capture traditionally wasted heat, water and C02 for use within the greenhouse. This technology well exceeds our power needs allowing us to supply electricity to the grid.