What are your best thrift shop finds? Let us know

Aug 17 2016, 3:54 pm

We know you’re a bargain-hunting god. You’ve spend countless hours scouring thrift stores to find that one perfect piece of clothing, the best shoes, that coveted designer handbag – and it paid off in the end.

Now we want to hear from you.

In honour of National Thrift Shop Day, we want to hear about those amazing things you scored for a steal. Maybe you’re like Marge Simpson and you found a Chanel suit for $90, or perhaps you found a pair of untouched Air Jordans from 1995 – whatever the bargain, if it’s good, we want to hear about it.

Send us a picture of your amazing find, where you got it, and how much you paid for it, and you might be featured in an article on Daily Hive. If it has a great backstory, include it!

Fire your amazing finds off to [email protected]