Wet Weather Predicted for Labour Day Weekend

Dec 19 2017, 11:54 am

Sunny skies have been a common theme in Vancouver for the last few months. However, things are about to change as the rain is back just in time for Labor Day weekend.

The Lower Mainland has lucked out with beautiful summer weather and minimal rain in the forecast. This summer has been recorded as the Lower Mainland’s 11th driest summer in history.  The average rainfall for August in Vancouver is recorded as 48 millimetres. This August has only had 16.6 millimetres of rainfall.

Unfortunately, the dry spell is predicted to end today as showers are scheduled to begin falling over night. This means that Labour Day Weekend will most likely be a soggy one with the forecast calling for rain on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Despite the wet weather, weekend temperatures are still going to remain high peaking at around 20 degrees Celsius and the sun is still supposed to make an appearance. Vancouverites planning on spending their time outdoors should bring an umbrella but with the humidity and some cloudy breaks it should still be an enjoyable long weekend.

Over the past ten years, there have only been four Labour Day weekends that have been completely dry. There appears to be a trend where  there is at least one day during the Labor Day weekend that it rains, putting a damper on plans to catch the last days of the PNE or tan at Kits Beach.

Although the rain often makes us believe that summer is coming to an end, we should not worry as The Weather Network has forecasted high temperatures and several more sunny days in the following two weeks.

So, do not put away your bathing suit and sunscreen away just yet as there will still be a few more opportunities to soak up the sun.

Feature Image: Rainfall via Shutterstock