WestJet flights receive threat for fourth time in five days

Dec 19 2017, 3:59 pm

A WestJet plane on route from Vancouver to Toronto was diverted to Calgary after receiving a bomb threat on Canada Day.

Flight WestJet Flight 722 was carrying 30 passengers, none of which were injured, when it made its emergency landing last night. The plane took off at 5:14 p.m. and landed in Calgary just after 8 p.m.

The alleged bomb threat was the third of its kind, and fourth overall threat made to a WestJet flight within five days. But once again, no bomb was found aboard the plane.

“Like the other three incidents this week, no bomb was found tonight and the aircraft was cleared by police,” tweeted WestJet. “This was yet another hoax.”

“This week’s false threats are all criminal investigations, and we will support investigators as they seek out those responsible.”

On June 27, a flight on route from Halifax to Edmonton with 147 passengers was diverted to Saskatoon due to a hoax bomb threat. A four-minute call was made by a male caller suggesting there was a bomb on board the plane.

On Monday night, a plane headed from Edmonton to Toronto made an emergency landing after an unspecified threat. The flight crew told all 54 passengers to “just get out of the plane.” The situation caused panic, resulting in six injured passengers.

On Tuesday night, another WestJet flight from Toronto to Saskatoon made an emergency landing after another bomb threat. No explosives were found, and the plane managed to land safely at John Diefenbaker Airport at 7 p.m securing the 113 passengers on board. Police say the “active crimininal investigation” is continuing.

WestJet has received a lot of support for handling the situations will precaution, regardless of its high number of incidents in the past while.