WestJet cuts its domestic flight frequencies by a further 50%

Mar 22 2020, 5:51 pm

Further severe capacity reductions have been made on WestJet’s domestic services across Canada, with the latest cuts amounting to a 50% reduction in service.

The airline is responding to nosediving demand in air travel, with more people avoiding non-essential air travel to practice social distancing during this turbulent period for the aviation industry amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

WestJet has prioritized its remaining services, which retain critical economic lifelines open for the 38 communities it connects across Canada.

The temporary frequency changes will be effective Monday, March 23, and will last through at least April 21, 2020. But further changes could be made as a result of the escalating pandemic.

“We have proudly served Canadians for more than 24 years and we are committed to providing them critical economic connectivity during this difficult time,” said Ed Sims, president and CEO of WestJet, in a statement.

“Frequency may be reduced, but we pledge to be there for Canadians as long as possible to keep connections open and vital goods moving across our country.”

Major routes between Canada’s largest cities will only have a handful of daily flights. With the changes, this means there will now only be three daily flights from Vancouver to Toronto, and five daily flights from Calgary to Toronto.

Just last week, WestJet cancelled all of its international and US transborder flights. Its main competitor, Air Canada, is temporarily laying off 5,000 employees.

Here is the full schedule of domestic changes on WestJet beginning Monday, March 23:

Alberta and Northwest Territories

Domestic Route Planned Operations
Calgary-Abbotsford 3x daily
Calgary-Comox 2x daily
Calgary-Cranbrook 2x daily
Calgary-Fort St. John 2x daily
Calgary-Kamloops 1x daily
Calgary-Kelowna 4x daily
Calgary-Nanaimo 1x daily
Calgary-Penticton 1x daily
Calgary-Prince George 1x daily
Calgary-Vancouver 6x daily
Calgary-Victoria 2x daily
Calgary-Edmonton 6x daily
Calgary-Fort McMurray 3x daily
Calgary-Grande Prairie 3x daily
Calgary-Lethbridge 2x daily
Calgary-Lloydminster 6x weekly
Calgary-Medicine Hat 2x daily
Calgary-Yellowknife 1x daily
Calgary-Brandon 1x daily
Calgary-Regina 4x daily
Calgary-Saskatoon 4x daily
Calgary-Winnipeg 4x daily
Calgary-Hamilton 4x weekly
Calgary-Kitchener/Waterloo 3x weekly
Calgary-Ottawa 4x weekly
Calgary-Toronto 5x daily
Calgary-Montreal 3x weekly
Calgary-Halifax 4x weekly
Edmonton-Kelowna 1x daily
Edmonton-Vancouver 2x daily
Edmonton-Calgary 6x daily
Edmonton-Fort McMurray 2x daily
Edmonton-Grande Prairie 1x daily
Edmonton-Regina 4x weekly
Edmonton-Saskatoon 3x weekly
Edmonton-Winnipeg 1x daily
Edmonton-Toronto 1x daily

British Columbia and Yukon

Domestic Route Planned Operations
Abbotsford-Calgary 3x daily
Comox-Calgary 2x daily
Cranbrook-Calgary 2x daily
Fort St John-Vancouver 1x daily
Fort St John-Calgary 2x daily
Kamloops-Calgary 1x daily
Kelowna-Vancouver 3x daily
Kelowna-Calgary 4x daily
Kelowna-Edmonton 1x daily
Nanaimo-Calgary 1x daily
Penticton-Calgary 1x daily
Prince George-Vancouver 3x daily
Prince George-Calgary 1x daily
Terrace-Vancouver 2x daily
Vancouver-Fort St John 1x daily
Vancouver-Kelowna 3x daily
Vancouver-Prince George 3x daily
Vancouver-Terrace 2x daily
Vancouver-Victoria 2x daily
Vancouver-Calgary 6x daily
Vancouver-Edmonton 2x daily
Vancouver-Toronto 3x daily
Victoria-Vancouver 2x daily
Victoria-Calgary 2x daily


Domestic Route Planned Operations
Hamilton-Calgary 4x weekly
Kitchener/Waterloo-Calgary 3x weekly
London, ON-Toronto 1x daily
Ottawa-Calgary 4x weekly
Ottawa-Toronto 5x daily
Ottawa-Halifax 1x weekly
Thunder Bay-Winnipeg 1x daily
Thunder Bay-Toronto 1x daily
Toronto-Vancouver 3x daily
Toronto-Calgary 5x daily
Toronto-Edmonton 1x daily
Toronto-Winnipeg 3x daily
Toronto-London, ON 1x daily
Toronto-Ottawa 5x daily
Toronto-Thunder Bay 1x daily
Toronto-Montreal 5x daily
Toronto-Quebec City 1x daily
Toronto-Charlottetown 3x weekly
Toronto-Fredericton 1x daily
Toronto-Halifax 4x daily
Toronto-Moncton 1x daily
Toronto-St. John’s (NL) 1x daily


Domestic Route Planned Operations
Regina-Calgary 4x daily
Regina-Edmonton 4x daily
Saskatoon-Calgary 4x daily
Saskatoon-Edmonton 3x weekly
Saskatoon-Winnipeg 1x daily


Domestic Route Planned Operations
Brandon-Calgary 1x daily
Winnipeg-Calgary 4x daily
Winnipeg-Edmonton 1x daily
Winnipeg-Saskatoon 1x daily
Winnipeg-Thunder Bay 1x daily
Winnipeg-Toronto 3x daily


Domestic Route Planned Operations
Montreal-Calgary 3x weekly
Montreal-Toronto 5x daily
Montreal-Halifax 1x weekly
Quebec City-Toronto 1x daily

New Brunswick

Domestic Route Planned Operations
Fredericton-Toronto 1x daily
Moncton-Toronto 1x daily

Nova Scotia

Domestic Route Planned Operations
Halifax-Calgary 4x weekly
Halifax-Ottawa 1x weekly
Halifax-Toronto 4x daily
Halifax-Montreal 1x weekly
Halifax-St. John’s (NL) 2x daily
Halifax-Sydney 1x daily
Sydney-Halifax 1x daily

Prince Edward Island

Domestic Route Planned Operations
Charlottetown-Toronto 3x weekly

Newfoundland and Labrador

Domestic Route Planned Operations
St. John’s (NL)-Toronto 1x daily
St. John’s (NL)-Halifax 2x daily