West Vancouver Police officer showed up to work drunk, then drove home

Dec 19 2017, 4:49 pm

The Office of the Police Commissioner has revealed a West Vancouver police officer was reprimanded in 2014 for showing up to shift intoxicated and then driving his vehicle under the influence.

On March 30, 2014, a member of the West Vancouver Police force arrived at work smelling of liquor. Another officer noticed the odour and reported it to their on-duty supervisor, who undertook an immediate investigation, according to West Van Police Constable Jeff Palmer.

The member, who has not been named nor identified by gender, was then required to take a breathalyzer test which revealed he was under the influence and unfit for duty.

“The blood alcohol level detected was below the threshold for criminal investigation and also below the threshold for a three day immediate roadside prohibition under the Motor Vehicle Act,” says Palmer.

However, the member then allegedly left the station in their personal vehicle. Other WVPD officers became aware of the infraction and attempted to locate the officer, including calling police in their home municipality to visit the officer’s residence. Neither police units were able to locate the member.

Subsequent to the incident, the Office of the Police Commissioner conducted an investigation into the member’s behaviour and determined it was in violation of the Police Act for Misuse of Intoxicants and Discreditable Conduct. The member was then given a one-day suspension without pay and a written reprimand.

“The OPCC has stated the  investigation was conducted properly and the disciplinary measures taken  were within the appropriate range,” says Constable Palmer.

West Vancouver Police Chief Len Goerke says the officer’s actions were “unacceptable and strictly prohibited under department policy and the Police Act” and the incident was “clearly a case of members acting immediately to hold another member accountable for their actions.”

The member has served all disciplinary measures and is currently on active duty with the WVPD.