Two West Coast Express trains cancelled due to police incident Tuesday

Jan 24 2018, 3:16 am

It was a longer-than-expected journey for West Coast Express commuters heading east on Tuesday night.

The ordeal began just before 6 pm, when TransLink notified customers that Train 4 was delayed “due to a police incident” near the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.

About half an hour later, TransLink tweeted it was still waiting for more information on the situation and that it would provide an update on the situation as soon as possible.

TransLink was eventually able to provide more information, but the news was not good.

The situation came to a head when TransLink notified commuters that not only had Train 4 ultimately been cancelled because of the incident, but that Train 5 was cancelled as well.

Not surprisingly, this left many commuter scrambling for alternate transportation options, and although they were not able to provide any further updates on exactly what the incident in question was, TransLink did offer travel tips for people trying to get home.

Just after 7:30 pm, a TransLink spokesperson said a “rescue train” had reached Train 4 and passengers were being transferred on to it.

“The rescue train will run the entire route to Mission meaning there’s no need for passengers on Train 4 to transfer to bus,” said TransLink.

There are no further details on what the police incident involved.

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