Weekend Date: Vancouver TheatreSports® League

Dec 19 2017, 6:01 am

Living in one of the most beautiful, diverse and excessively busy cities in North America, it is somewhat discomforting to listen to conversations about how there is absolutely nothing to do in this city. Fortunately, Vancity Buzz was created to showcase the people, businesses, events and the overall awesomeness that Vancouver kindly has to offer, allowing Vancouverites to do something instead of talking about nothing.

A new weekly series has developed at Vancity Buzz, which will focus on individuals who are searching for new, unique, entertaining, possibly unconventional, and affordable ideas for a date. Instead of sitting at home having a “who hates the weather more” competition, talking about how many pairs of shoes you’ve gone through in 6 months, the traffic, when people on the escalator stand on the left while you are trying to walk up, or having a “I’m more broke that you” competition, you could be out on an amazing date thanks to Vancity Buzz.

From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to a walk around the sea wall in a toga, the weekly Weekend Date idea will help you and your sweetie-pie discover even more of Vancouver, and also contribute to maintaining an exciting relationship.

The first suggested date night to kick off this series is one that could be THE summer hot spot for couples this summer. How does a night involving a classic, fast paced show that lightly touches on sweaty and sassy topics with a possible red wine buzz sound? If this is more than just music to your ears, Vancouver TheatreSports® League could be just what you’ve been looking for.  Vancouver TheatreSports® League (VTSL) is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization that began in 1980, and is currently located at the Improv Centre on Granville Island. With six International Improv Comedy Awards and starring in several television specials, VTSL produces and stages some of the most daring improv in the world.  VTSL performs 575 shows per year, to more than 50,000 guests.

Spend a night watching two teams be thrown into a completely unrehearsed pit of hilarity, and with the use of audience suggestions, create a serious of quick, short-form, improv comedy scenes.  These professional improv players will fill your soul with harmonious laughter, several knee slaps and happy tears.

If you’re in a pickle of where to take your sugar muffin this weekend, rendezvous over to Granville Island, grab a bite to eat, and then skip on over to Vancouver TheatreSports® League.

Tickets are from $8 to $21. Shows are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Visit www.vtsl.com for more information, show times and to purchase your tickets.

Be sure to check back next Friday for the next Weekend Date Idea!