Weekend Date: The Vancouver FanClub

Experiencing the Vancouver restaurant, lounge, pub, and night life scene, it is easy and safe to say that there are plenty of diverse entertainment and hospitality venues. Many have class and are filled with porcelain faces, chiseled bodies, and overpriced food and drink, and some come equipped with the complete opposite. At the end of the night and in the blurry wee hours of the morning, the who did what and where is more interesting to talk about than the venue itself.

Yet, something new has plopped right in the heart of the Granville Street stretch. Not only is there a new restaurant, there is a pub and lounge with a nightlife scene, wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow all into one.

This new and bold performance venue is not only a place where you can bring your date this weekend, you can bring your mom who is visiting from Winnipeg, Grandma, the guy across the hall you don’t really know, or even Grandma’s best bingo buddy. This is a place that purposefully opened up for wide spectrum of guests, allowing practically any person of any age, gender, style, and relationship Facebook status to go and feel comfortable and invited. You can already have somewhat of a hole in your wallet, but can still dig out an affordable amount of money to enjoy what The Vancouver FanClub has to offer.

Walking into The Vancouver FanClub, within seconds you can feel what is different. Smiling staff dressed in all black with a hint of red, and various music styles of blues, funk, soul, and a little bit of jazz exhales poetically throughout the room. Guests are seated on outdoor patio, at one of the three service bars (one including a Bourbon Lounge tasting room), at the tables on the main floor, or one of the booths on the second floor.  A stage has been strategically built close to the windows in order to fill the streets of Vancouver with music (as what is done in New Orleans), and the room is built with high ceilings to carry out the sounds. Decorated with french colonial doors, framing, antique chandeliers,  and a wrought iron balcony imported from New Orleans, all are accessorized perfectly to create this never seen before venue in Vancouver. If Ryan Gosling and Ellen DeGeneres had a baby, it would be beautiful and one of a kind. Which is exactly what The Vancouver FanClub is.

In addition to the picturesque environment and decor, the menu serves the west coast generously with inspiration from the south. All of the rubs, marinades and sauces are prepared in house, and with the in house smoker smoking seafood and meats, the head chef guarantees no food will and ever be fried. If you’re a sweetie with a sweet tooth, liquor infused desserts are an definite option as well as the homemade mini doughnuts that will soon be offered on the menu quicker than you can say doughnut. Hand-selected craft beers, wine on tap, customized cocktails, and speciality spirits supplement nicely with the food. Also, a kiosk is being planned to be situated right outside of the FanClub, serving delicious after hours food to go, which will accompany the stumble and stagger home to your comfortable bed.

This must-go-to-as-soon-as-you-can-because-it-is-seriously-awesome venue is open 7 days a week. Doors unlock at 12:00 pm for lunch, and for a limited time from 12:00 pm-6:00 pm there are 2 for 1 plates available. Every night, a live band will consume the stage. From Thursday-Sunday at 10:30 pm, the music quickly shifts over to a DJ with a live accompaniment from the sax to the drums.

Get your dancing, eating, drinking and mingling pants on this weekend and head down to The Vancouver FanClub. Your Grandma’s best bingo buddy will be there too!

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Website – http://www.vancouverfanclub.ca/