Weekend Date: Meet The Parents

Dec 19 2017, 2:25 pm

Thanksgiving is a time for boxed wine, loud conversations, arguments, debates, family, friends, Grandpa passing out on the couch after dinner, and over-cooked stove top stuffing.

If you are spending this Thanksgiving weekend with your family, it could be the perfect time to bring your two week ago pick up or four month long girlfriend or boyfriend over. Yes, as big and as awkward of a step it is in relationships, Thanksgiving could be the best time to show off your new favorite toy. It is not too much of an important holiday that if you both royally screw up the night, it will probably roll away as forgotten.

If you’re experienced in this sub category and already know the necessary steps into taking that lunge into dinner with the family and the new beau, then this old news. You can confidently stroll into your parents house with a bottle of wine in hand and possibly drunk. If you’ve been sitting in the batters box for years and have recently have hit a grand slam more than once, and you’ve decided to bring the girlfriend or boyfriend over for Turkey dinner, you’re in for a treat. It could be a delicious pumpkin pie hangover kind of treat, or a potential slap in the face if you don’t approach this decision with a well planned and systematic approach.

Here are simple steps that can be used as preparation before stepping into a full house of family judgement.

  • Make sure you both have a clear understanding of what your relationship status is. Are you official via Facebook, or are you in a open relationship? Are you two saving your day time minutes and only calling each other conveniently after 12:00 pm when the roommate is asleep and the bottle of red wine is consumed? Define this so you both are on the same page. If you so desire, communicate that with Mom and Dad.
  • Cover any sensitive subjects. If your Dad is Bruins fan, don’t let the other person start trashing the team. If you’re Mom watches Glee, don’t let the other person start trash talking Rachel Berry, her abundance of annoying, and your overall dislike for Broadway.
  • Let both of your parents know as much as possible as the other person. It saves additional questioning and awkward missteps for the other person.
  • Let the other person know how your parents like to be addressed. Mr or Mrs? Sir or Maam? The eye rolling and quiet sighs are never the ideal topping to the turkey.
  • Bring extra alcohol than expected and arrange for a taxi home. When in doubt, drink.
  • Choose conversations that don’t involve politics, religion, sex, hipsters that look like homeless people, and Vancouver’s housing costs.
  • Bring something to give to the parents. Whether it’s booze or an impressive floral arrangement, it’s always a nice gesture. It will gain you brownie points and open up the opportunity to get presents from the parents for Christmas.
  • Always have back up plan or excuse to quietly leave dinner. Discuss beforehand.
  • Warn them of any family members who tend to drink too much of the vodka, can’t hear, can’t speak English, strange attachments or passions, etc.
  • Last but not least, when leaving, always go in for the handshake. If his or her parents want a hug, they’ll hug. You don’t want to burst their personal bubble too soon. If you do, don’t expect that Christmas present.

With these simple and easy to follow steps, your Thanksgiving dinner with the family and girlfriend or boyfriend can ensure a happy, comfortable, and overall grand ol’ time.

How will you be celebrating your Thanksgiving weekend? What happened the first time you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend home to the family? What are you expecting it to be like if this is your first time bringing him or her home?

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