Weekend Date: Finding YOUR Fringe

Calling all Main Street coffee addicts, Commercial Drive hipsters, Kitsilano yogi’s, South Granville groupies, West End gallavanters and Downtown diva’s.

This weekend, you have two choices. One is to stay at home and not enjoy this beautiful September weather with your love muffin. The other is to put on your swanky pants and stroll out arm in arm with your sugar plum and not only enjoy the beautiful September weather, but experience some cultural diversity.

Vancouver is home to a lot of awesome. From beaches, the sea wall, fancy events, and cheap sushi to awesome online blogs that highlight everything Vancouver, there are plenty of things that make this city one of the most amazing cities in North America.

On that note, there is also a lot of awesome that isn’t given as much credit as it deserves.

Every year, Granville Island is swarmed with theatre go-er’s and the artsy fartsies who line up to see various shows that are written, directed, produced and performed by local Vancouverites. With a wide range and variety of shows including musicals, comedies, romance and the plays you don’t understand because you can’t figure out the metaphor, the Vancouver International Fringe Festival has it all.

Even if you’re not a theatre go-er, there are several shows that you can chose from starting this weekend and quickly running into next week that will open up creative minds and a new experience.  Riverview High: The Musical is an Archie Comic inspired show about love, teenage awkwardness, and a goofy friend with a hot dog addiction that will blow your mind with an overdose of adorable, and SMUDGE is story of unrequited love, first impressions, dumb mistakes and missing cats which will guarantee shifty eyes, smiles, and laughs. Both of these shows are buzzing in and out of the fringe grounds and are highly recommended not only by that random guy who has been going to theatre for 60 years but from all the Mr. Miyagi’s of theatre.

If you’re looking for a perfect and affordable night out, head down to Granville Island this weekend to support some outstanding local talent.