The Week Ahead: Jay Onrait talks NHL expansion for Seattle

Dec 12 2017, 6:23 am

The Week Ahead Podcast returns for its 11th episode and this week we’re featuring TSN anchor Jay Onrait. I chatted with Jay about the NHL Seattle plans, his time at Fox Sports 1, getting to know Regis Philbin and the latest happenings at TSN.

Prior to Jay’s interview, I felt it necessary to send out a reminder to all new parents about spamming social media with baby photos as well. I mean come on, seriously, enough is enough! We don’t need all of these photos and we especially don’t care for the #BabyBum photos. It’s not cute. Let’s move forward as a society dammit!

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There’s a huge Week Ahead in the sporting world and I break it all down after chatting with Jay. Wednesday belongs to the NBA with some great games on tap…and then there’s a break.

The NFL’s Thursday Night Football Week 15 rendition is laughable. You’d be better off staring at your TV turned off. None the less, if you’re not a fan of the Broncos taking on the Colts, I give you an added TV option for the fourth night of the week.

Friday serves up a few decent matchups, but the weekend is really where we get our money’s worth. The NFL schedule shifts over to the Saturday thanks to the college break and your cable bill is about go up. I preview it all along with Sunday’s ‘Check the Chances’ segment, as always sponsored by Sports Interaction. I give the best NFL picks and predictions across the web (biased opinion, obviously).

We once again give away another $50 gift certificate to Yagger’s Restaurants and Sports Bars, but we didn’t stop there. Once again, we also, also serve up a fresh new pair of 2UNDR boxers shorts to a few lucky contest winners.

Then, finally, we announce that the end of the work week will belong to a SECOND PODCAST. Yes, that’s right, The Weekend podcast will feature Part II of our Jay Onrait interview and a closer look at the Saturday and Sunday match ups, will be on tap on Friday afternoon.

Check our social media handles listed below for more info on how to get involved there.

BTW, did you miss last week’s episode? No problem, here it is.

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