5 wedding invitation etiquette questions answered

Jul 21 2016, 10:54 pm

A guest’s first impression of your wedding is the invitation, so you want to make sure you’re not starting out on the wrong foot by offending someone. Here are five wedding invitation etiquette questions answered:

1. When should we send out our wedding invitations?

If you are sending out save-the-dates, invitations only need to go out about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding. If there’s no save-the-date, we recommend sending them 3 months in advance to give guests enough time to plan. If you’re having a destination wedding, make sure you give your guests even more of a heads up, usually about 6-8 months.

2. Should every guest get a plus one?

While this is a nice to do, it definitely isn’t mandatory, especially if you’re having a small wedding. We encourage clients to include plus ones for guests who are married or in a relationship, but you definitely don’t need to give a plus one to your single friends.

3. Can we request that no children attend?

While we wouldn’t recommend outlining ‘adults only’ or ‘no children’ overtly on your invitations, we encourage you to address the invitations clearly by including the names of those invited on the envelope.

Most families will understand that their children aren’t invited if their names aren’t included, however, if there’s confusion, simply let them know that you are planning an adult-only wedding.

4. Can we include ‘cash preferred’ gift messaging?

In short, no.

Be sure to let your family and wedding party know that you don’t have a registry and that if guests ask about gifts, you’d really appreciate a contribution towards your honeymoon or a new home. Having the message delivered via word of mouth and framing it as a contribution towards something important to you makes the ask sound less greedy.

5. How do we let guests know about dress code?

If you want to ensure that your guests arrive dressed appropriately for the type of event you’re planning, make sure you include this information on the invitation. A simple note stating ‘cocktail attire’, ‘black tie’, ‘casual dress’, etc. will take away the guessing for your invitees.

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