5 wedding details to skip (your guests won’t notice anyway)

Dec 19 2017, 4:16 pm

As many brides and grooms come to find out, there are many fine details that go into planning and orchestrating a wedding and lots of cash that gets spent along the way. What if you could eliminate some of the details altogether? You’ll be less stressed, you’ll save money and your guests won’t even notice.

Here are the five wedding elements to eliminate from your planning:

1. Save-the-dates

The first priority when starting to plan for your wedding is securing your venue and date and locking in times for your ceremony and reception. Once you have these details confirmed, don’t procrastinate. Send out your invites four to six months prior to your wedding and skip the save-the-dates. Or, if you’re planning a short engagement and can only send out invites two to three months before your wedding, opt for an email save-the-date and save yourself some unnecessary printing costs.


2. Favours

Sure, they look cute at each place setting, but they couldn’t be more unnecessary. Trust us, if you eliminate the wedding favours, your guests won’t be missing them. As planners we’ve also seen more than a few favours get left behind by guests at the end of the night. Focus your budget on details that your guests will remember, like the food and drinks. If you have extra budget put it towards things that are fun and experiential for guests like a candy or ice cream bar or a photo booth.

3. Fancy china and glassware

Let’s be real, the chances of your guests scrutinizing your plates and glassware is slim to none. Skip the metallic accented plates and glasses and simply run with the basics. Your guests will be too preoccupied enjoying dinner and drinks to be analyzing your dishes in an already dimly lit room.


4. Premium or custom linens

Since they get covered by plates, glassware, cutlery and a centrepiece, the linens are never the star of the show. Prioritize getting the centrepieces you want and don’t think twice about considering expensive or custom linen options. Choose a less expensive alternative in your colour palette and you’ll achieve a similar look for often half the price.

5. Exotic (and often out-of-season) flowers

Filling your centrepieces with expensive peonies in December is basically like burning your money. Talk to your florist or planner about seasonal flowers to save on costs. Many guests won’t know the difference between a peony and their less expensive cousin, the ranunculus. If you have your heart set on using some specific out-of-season florals, be sure to ask your florist or planner about how guests or family can take them home at the end of the night. If you’re renting the vessels for your centrepieces, there’s a good chance that your florist can include plastic containers or floral foam inside of them so that the flowers can be taken to go, post reception.



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