4 great ways to give back to your parents and grandparents this holiday season

Dec 20 2017, 3:18 am

Holiday shopping is difficult at the best of times, especially when you’re shopping for your parents and grandparents. To help cross them off your list this holiday season, we’ve come up with some thoughtful ideas your parents and grandparents are sure to love. Some gifts even allow your parents to take advantage of provincial government programs like the B.C. Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit to make them feel safe and comfortable in the home they love.

Here are four thoughtful ways to give back to your parents and grandparents this year.

The gift of help

Image: Shutterstock, szefei

Image: Shutterstock / szefei

As people grow older chores become less of an annoyance and more of a safety concern. With age comes mobility issues and things that were once easy – like changing light bulbs or shovelling snow – become much more difficult. Make it a priority to help them out by taking care of tasks around the house. If you have siblings, share the workload so everyone spends time helping out.

The gift of your time

Image: Shutterstock, Syda Productions

Image: Shutterstock / Syda Productions

It may sound cliché, but one of the best things you can give your grandma or grandpa is the gift of your time. Invite them over to your house for coffee or offer to cook dinner at their place. Set up a regular family dinner and get everyone you can together, but make sure you take care of organizing everything. After all these years, they’ve earned a break from planning family events.

The gift of safety

Image: Shutterstock, Paul Velgos

Image: Shutterstock / Paul Velgos

Mobility problems that come with age can bring about issues at home, with safety and independence topping the list. There are things you can do to ensure your parents and grandparents are comfortable in their home for as long as possible, such as building mobility ramps, upgrading handrails and installing walk-in bathtubs.

Even better, if your parents or grandparents live with you, you may be eligible for the B.C. Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit. If your parents or grandparents live in their own home, they may be eligible for the tax credit, worth up to $1,000 each year for certain changes in their home. You can learn more about this program and others they might qualify for at gov.bc.ca.

The gift of a hobby

Image: Shutterstock, nataliaaggiato

Image: Shutterstock / nataliaaggiato

Seniors entering retirement age have a lot more well-deserved free time on their hands. Help them develop a hobby or pursue a passion – look into community clubs and organizations and encourage senior family members to get involved. Not only will they find something they love to do, but they’ll make new friends too.

There are so many options for giving back to your senior family members this holiday season. Some of these presents not only give the gift of safety, but also provide money back on certain renovations. In addition to the B.C. Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit, your parents and grandparents could be eligible for a variety of other programs – visit gov.bc.ca to find out more. The opportunity to give them something thoughtful will always be appreciated.


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