8 ways to earn extra money

Dec 19 2017, 9:52 pm

In need of extra cash? When you’re feeling strapped and need to earn extra money there are common sense ways to make it happen. Don’t worry. You don’t need to sell body parts or fluids.

Here’s eight ways to earn extra money:

1. Sell stuff you don’t need

Obvious, right? It’s also fast. Here are a few tips to make sure you spend very little time on selling your stuff and maximize profits. First off, it’s easier to make a sale when you sell new or very gently used items. Check that pile of Christmas or birthday gifts that missed the mark. Second, take a look at other people’s prices in the same category, whether it’s bikes, phones, furniture or game consoles. Price competitively. Avoid overused buzzwords such as “amazing.” Instead, aim for accuracy. Use a photo of your actual item. Post during high traffic times when folks come home from work. Repost to get more attention.

2. Take a lodger or roommate

Do you really need that much space? In Vancouver, where real estate prices are intimidating and unrealistic goals for most of us, downsizing living arrangements, creative sharing, and roommates are the way to go. Do remember that becoming a landlord means more responsibility. Don’t forget to draw up a lease, lay down ground rules for your new tenant, and follow through on the insurance and permit requirements this will entail.

3. Take a temporary lodger

If sharing your space all the time is daunting, it’s possible to play bed and breakfast instead. This is an especially good option for folks who travel frequently or sleep over at their significant other’s house more often than their own. Sites like Airbnb and your basic classifieds website in the short term rentals category are the places to list your home.

Bonuses: despite the Airbnb horror stories that surface from time to time, it can be a cool way to meet new people.

4. Rent your parking space

Parking can be expensive and hard to find. If you have a space, or a driveway, use it to make some fast cash by renting it out.

5. Dog walking and pet sitting

There are many, many dogs in Vancouver in need of an extra romp, a daytime playmate or just someone to take them out for a wee. There are also many, many dog lovers who could use the extra cash. Advertise your dog walking or pet sitting services. The perks of this gig? A small, flexible, cuddly time commitment with a decent pay rate.

6. Sell your knowledge – tutoring and consulting

Chances are, you’re good at something. Share your skills, from language skills to web design and marketing, as a tutor or consultant.

7. Monetize a hobby

Are you a craftsperson or an artist? If your dream is to eventually turn your hobby into a form of employment, the sooner you start paying attention to inputs and outputs and how to make a profit, the better. From selling knitwear on Etsy to transforming your photos in moneymakers on Shutterstock, there are many ways to turn fun into a source of income.

8. Get a part time job

Adding a part time job is the most basic way to earn extra money. When applying, remember it’s more fulfilling if you target jobs that overlap with something you already enjoy doing, or will help you learn a skill you want to gain. Good examples of this include bar tending for social folks, back-of-house restaurant work for the wannabe culinary entrepreneurs, and fact-checking for future journalists.


Feature image: Matt Biddulph

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