WAX Bar Takes Positive Spin on Negative Publicity

Dec 19 2017, 11:54 am

After a stir was caused due to her salon’s offer of anal bleaching, Jaden Stevenson has held her head high and channelled the negative feedback of the community into a positive outcome for her company.

The 19-year-old entrepreneur suffered backlash from the Commercial Drive community after WAX Bar Hair Removal publicly advertised that they offered anal bleaching at their salon.

Although complaints were received, Stevenson spoke with the city, which said she didn’t have to remove the sign.

Since the drama of what some residents considered “offensive signage,” Stevenson has ensured that her company would turn the previous negativity into something positive.

“I wanted to have something positive to talk about in the interviews, instead of articles solely about a negative, unfortunate situation,” Stevenson said.

On June 15, WAX Bar Hair Removal walked in “Push For Your Tush” a fundraiser put on by Colon Cancer Canada and has been helping to raise money and awareness for colon cancer.

“We all agreed that the colon cancer charity fit well with the ‘cheeky’ fundraiser we wanted to put together and it was also a charity that doesn’t get the recognition and attention it deserves,” Stevenson said.

South Beach Skin Solutions, the anal bleach product company which WAX Bar orders from, teamed up with WAX Bar for a fundraiser, where a total of $3,000 was raised.

“Every anal bleach that came in for June, the [money] was donated as well as the profit from any [South Beach Skin Solutions products] we sold, and Tshirt sales,” said Stevenson.

T-shirts available at WAX Bar (Jaden Stevenson)

T-shirts available at WAX Bar (Jaden Stevenson)

“I am extremely thankful for everybody who helped support this fundraiser and I am very pleased that we could turn such a negative situation into such an uplifting story.”

Featured Image: WAX Hair Removal Bar