Waterski Wedding in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:14 am

We’ve witnessed a wedding on a bus, a farm field proposal and now a waterski wedding in Vancouver.

For most women, a life jacket isn’t usually included in wedding ensemble, but Caylee Auge put one under her dress to satisfy her mother and she’s glad she did.

The 33-year-old hair stylist strapped on a pair of water skis alongside her husband Cam Auge after the couple got married on a dock at the Vancouver Waterski Club.

The new bride immediately made a splash, falling into Bedwell Bay before making a quick recovery and setting off beside her husband, who was clad in a suit and tie.

“When I told my mom we were doing that she was having anxiety saying `I don’t want to see my daughter drown.'”

Auge borrowed the dress from her younger sister, but it wasn’t trashed in line with the current trash-the-dress fad after her plunge into the water.

The dress that started out black at the bottom, thanks to her sister’s dance-floor moves on her own wedding day six years ago, will likely end up in a dress-up box for the couple’s two daughters, aged two and a half and 10 months, Auge said.

The Auges, both 33, met at a swim club at the University of British Columbia in 2007.

“He didn’t speak much English,” Auge said. “He had moved here from France, and I wasn’t that interested.”

Cam Auge’s fashion sense meant things didn’t exactly get off to a great start.

“I was the only swimmer with a Speedo because in France we wear Speedo, and you don’t in Canada,” he said. “So she kind of made fun of my Speedo.”

“I don’t wear Speedo anymore,” he added.

The duo soon learned they shared a love of the water and went on a surfing trip before joining a water ski club.

They will leave for France on Monday for a five-week honeymoon that will include a visit with family.

Source: The Canadian Press via Huffington Post