Watermelon & Lime Jello Shooters

Dec 19 2017, 1:30 pm

Within the last year the culinary world has fallen in love with the “Mini”. Pick up any food magazine and I can almost guarantee you that your favorite dish has now been cleverly made to take on its miniature form. Mini Burgers, Cupcakes, Mac & Cheese bites-you name it!

Along with the rest of the food world I’ve also become addicted to creating bite size pieces of anything and everything that is edible. I can’t help it! Everything is so much cuter when it’s small! Plus anything that can be grabbed with just two fingers can’t really contain that many calories…right?

Right! Well, with all that said- I’m very excited to share with you foodies my latest project: Watermelon & Lime Jello Shooters (mini size of course!).


Watermelon Jello Shooters

makes 24 wedges

6 limes

1 cup vodka

1 box jello mix

1/4 cup diced strawberries

black sesame seeds



1. Prepare limes by cutting them in halves and hollowing out the peel. I found that using a paring knife made loosening the pulp from the rind much easier.

2. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Remove from heat, add the vodka, and then immediately add the packet of jello mix-stirring until dissolved. Lastly, add in your 1/4 cup of diced strawberries.

3. Line up limes on a cookie sheet so they are secure and upright. Pour the jello mixture into the lime halves. Refrigerate until set (note: this will take a few hours!).

4. Once set, use a sharp knife to slice each lime half into wedge-like segments. Stick black sesame seeds on each wedge (you can also use black poppy seeds or chocolate chips).

Aren’t they unabashedly cute!? They are a guaranteed conversation starter at your next cocktail get together with Mr.Right.


smgirlbigplate xo


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