Watch Americans try famous Canadian snack foods (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:32 am

Snacking might be universal, but snack foods are often very local. Check out this video of Americans sampling beloved Canadian snacks and offering their immediate–and often comical–reactions.

What’s being sampled is a pretty good overview of our snack food pantheon: Joe Louis snack cakes, All-Dressed potato chips, Nanaimo Bars, maple sugar candy, and poutine.

“When you have free health care you can eat whatever you want,” observes one eater, poised to sample the BC-born goodness that is the Nanaimo Bar–a treat also referred to as “square diabetes” by another taste-tester.

Of all the treats sampled, it’s hard to believe poutine is something so exclusively Canadian that Americans need an introduction to it; it’s been a staple on many a restaurant menu in the U.S. for some time now, granted none of those restaurants are McDonalds. Probably the most legit oddity are the All-Dressed chips; few national disparities between Canada and the States are as evident as a trip down the supermarket chip aisle.

Watch, laugh, and be ready to address your freshly-sparked cravings for our country’s signature junk.

[youtube id=”1vARrao4HH8″]