Wantering Wants You to Look Good and Shop Better

What would it be like to go shopping amongst items that you already love? In a world where everyone is inundated with choices, you might spend hours browsing e-commerce sites, blogs, and Pinterest, but end up with nothing in your shopping cart. That’s where Wantering comes in. Simply put, Wantering makes shopping easy again by helping you discover and buy clothes you’ll love from what’s hot across the social web.
When you sign up for Wantering, you’ll fill out a thirty second Style Profile that will help train the system on your personal taste. Each day you’ll get an email with five style recommendations, including clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry, which are generated using your Style Profile and over 19 million datapoints pulled from what’s trending across Pinterest, Tumblr, Svpply, and Polyvore. In essence, Wantering shows you items that match your style and are fashionable in real-time.

To remove the frustrations of online shopping, the system makes sure that your style recommendations are in-stock and linked to reputable online retailers where you can buy the item. The more you heart items within your Wantering account, the more the system learns your taste and adjusts your recommendations for the next day.

“Wantering exists to solve the problem of having too many options and no way of filtering out the noise. We’re essentially taking the intelligence of fashion blogs and social platforms and helping people shop smarter,” says CEO Matt Friesen.

Having just launched to the public in December after six months of private beta testing, Wantering has added new features such as the ability to heart items loved by others, allowing you to discover new brands and products from style neighbours, and the opportunity to publish your hearted items to your Facebook Timeline. If a friend happens to heart the same item as you, you’ll both get a Facebook notification of your great taste in style.

To join thousands of other trendsetters on Wantering, visit www.wantering.com. Find cool information on the latest trends on Wantering’s FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr and Blog.