Want to travel to the United States cheap? Try BoltBus and Bellingham Airport

Flying is expensive nowadays especially with surging fuel prices, but if you want to travel to the United States cheap, you could save hundreds of dollars through BoltBus and Bellingham International Airport.

Vancouver residents have been travelling down to Bellingham before flying out to their desired destination for some time now, but it can be a cumbersome experience compared to the convenience of taking the Canada Line to Vancouver International Airport.

The BoltBus service, run by Greyhound Lines, is now providing service to the city of Bellingham for a one-way fare of $4 (on average). The bus drops off passengers at 4194 Cordata Parkway, roughly 2.8 miles away from the airport.

Ken Oplinger of Whatcom County Chamber of Commerce estimates such a trip would cost less than $10.

A CBC report found a round-trip, nonstop flight from Bellingham to Honolulu (November 26 to December 2) costs a paltry $198 US. A similar trip by WestJet flying out of Vancouver costs $519.98 CDN. That is a savings of approximately $320.

However, the cheap flights are only available on select dates and the price does not include luggage. Each piece of carry-on is charged at $25 a piece and checked is $35 a piece.

If you bring one piece of carry-on luggage and travel down to Bellingham through BoltBus, there is still at least about $280 in savings which can add up for a family of four.