W Network to host new Vancouver based reality show

Dec 19 2017, 11:13 am

It can be tough to make a life-altering decision all on your own. You could ask your friends and family for advice or, for the participants in W Network’s new reality series The Audience, you could have a group of strangers make the decision for you.

Each week, The Audience follows a new protagonist facing a life changing dilemma, while exploring the idea of the “wisdom of the crowd” as 50 strangers follow the protagonist around for an entire week.

At the end of the week, the group will get to make the decision – for better or worse – on issues such as; whether or not to have a baby on their own; whether they should pursue their dream career, or; whether they should seek out their birth parents.

Of the 50 strangers, a group of 10 core Audience members will return each week to help another stranger. Chosen for their compassion, intelligence and insight, this group includes Mexican pop star Manuel Cuevas, fashionista Krista Sung, and soft spoken mom Lee-Anne Ekland.

“With The Audience, our viewers experience the turmoil, drama and humour of trusting others with monumental life changing choices on a scale never done before – with 50 strangers,” says Vibika Bianchi, Vice President, Original Programming, Women’s and Family Television, Corus Entertainment.

The series is set to launch on July 16 and leading up to the premiere, viewers can visit wnetwork.com/TheAudience, where they can submit advice to an online protagonist in need of help with a big life decision. Viewers can also weigh in on the series dilemmas as they unfold each week, and at the end of each episode, the site will reveal “where are they now” content.

Featured Image: The Audience