VPD launches new “Cold Case” website

Dec 19 2017, 6:25 pm

The VPD is hoping the public can assist with investigations that have gone “cold”.

A new website launched today will provide information and details on some of Vancouver’s unsolved murders, while giving the public a chance to help revive police files that have grown cold over the years due to a lack of evidence or suspect information.

Although cold case websites have been used by several other police agencies in Canada, this is a first for the VPD.

The website contains an overview of the case, media stories from the time of the incident, as well as locations and photos of interest.

“We all know that the method and speed by which people communicate has evolved, and that the Internet plays a huge role in our lives,” says Deputy Chief Adam Palmer. “Our goal is to reach as large an audience as possible to give people an opportunity to provide valuable input on homicide cases, some of which have been inactive or ‘cold’ for a number of years.”

“We know through experience that the passage of time can change people’s outlook; perhaps, when they were young they didn’t wish to talk to the police for a variety of reasons, such as peer pressure, different lifestyle choices, or fear of reprisal, but situations often change over time. After reviewing the website, we’re hoping that people may recognize a cold case, then contact us to tell us what they know, whether it’s from first-hand experience or something they’ve heard through the grapevine over the years. I can tell you that often a small lead is all that is required, something that may seem insignificant; however, that tip may open a lot of doors.”

Initially, the website will profile eight cases with a timeframe that ranges from murders that occurred in 1981 through to 2008.

“These cases were chosen for a number of reasons, including the families being supportive,” says Palmer.

“They would very much like to see the person(s) responsible brought to justice to account for their actions.”

Take a look at the website, and watch for updates and new cases to be added.

Featured Image: VPD Cold Cases

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