VPD catches 16-year old selling fake One Direction tickets

Dec 19 2017, 7:57 am

When you think of scalpers, you usually think of those who are at least of adult age. But a 16-year old? Through an orchestrated sting operation, the Vancouver Police Department has caught a teenager selling fake One Direction concert tickets to locals.

One of the world’s biggest boy bands is coming to Rogers Arena on July 27, and for many young fans of Britain’s One Direction they worked hard to save money for the upcoming concert – it was to be one of their highlights of the summer. However, for some, they were scammed by a 16-year old.

According to The Province, a parent accompanied her young daughter and her friend to meet up with a buyer from Craigslist to purchase tickets. They were sure that the tickets were authentic and purchased it from the buyer for $500.

However, soon after the purchase, they realized that the print on the tickets had the incorrect release date. A search on Craigslist led to the listing of the same tickets, and by then they knew they had been scammed for sure. There have also been other reported cases, with purchasers realizing too late the date was wrong.

Ticketmaster advises that concert goers should be extra diligent with purchasing hot ticket events, and should go through the proper channels instead to purchase their tickets. Unfortunately, these incidents happen far too often.

Featured image: Eva Rinaldi