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Dec 19 2017, 12:02 pm

Absolut Vodka selects Vancouver glass artist Braden Hammond as one of the 5 finalists in a competition to win $120,000 which is to be used to make a dream art project that will leave a lasting legacy to the Vancouver arts scene. The Absolut Vancouver competition runs until mid March 2010 and calls for BC residents vote online for their favorite art project proposal. Absolut Vancouver is an amazing platform for local artists to get international exposure as well as much needed funding. Continue reading for our interview with Braden.

VcB: How did you first hear about the competition with Absolut Vancouver?

BH: I first heard about the Absolut Vancouver competition on Facebook. Absolut put out a call for artists on their fanpage. I have always been a fan of Absolut Vodka and thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to work with such a well respected brand that is well known for supporting the arts.

VcB: What made you get involved?

BH: I have seen the ads that Absolut Vodka had put in magazines and I just knew that a special edition Absolut bottle and my glass art would look amazing together. I envisioned the amazing photos that we would take. I took the vision and turned it into reality when teaming up with Vancouver photographer Kristina Holtz. Once capturing the images and seeing my glass art together with the Absolut bottle, I felt like I had already won!

VcB: Your piece is titled “Absolut City of Glass”, could you describe the piece for us?

BH: This engaging exhibit will feature Absolut inspired handmade glass sculptures. Custom glass lighting projects, bowls, marbles and glass sculptures will be set in a diorama, or glass enclosure on the streets of Vancouver. Absolut City of Glass is guaranteed to stimulate the imagination and engage the public with bold colours, detailed design, and intricate glasswork. This exhibit will be one of the largest and most detailed glass installations that this city has seen.

VcB: Your thoughts on Vancouver’s arts scene and how far will Absolut’s $120,000 contribution towards that go?

BH: To me the Vancouver arts scene is booming. The 2010 Olympics and the Cultural Olympiad are just about to happen. I think that Absolut just wanted to take funding to another level. Sure there has been cut backs and that’s what has hurt the arts but Absolut is stepping up to help fill the void. If I win the $120,000 I know that the money will be well spent. I plan on getting as many people involved as I can. Not only will the glass community benefit from my win but also local videographers, photographers as I plan to put together some amazing multi media projects that will promote Vancouver, Absolut Vodka and Braden Hammond Glass.

VcB: Finally, Why should people vote for you?

BH: People should vote for me because I’m going to do an amazing job making and glass installation that will leave a lasting legacy to Vancouver and to the Vancouver Arts scene.

Thanks to Braden Hammond for doing this interview, if you like some of his work you can check out more at:

For more information on Braden Hammond here is a video:

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