Volunteers save stranded orca whale in Northern B.C. (PHOTOS)

Dec 20 2017, 12:27 am

After an orca stranded itself on the rocks near Hartley Bay, BC, volunteers spent over six hours keeping the killer whale cool and wet, saving it from an uncertain fate.

In the early hours of July 22, a boater spotted an orca that had become stuck one a rocky outcropping when the tide went out. Within the hour volunteers from the community, the World Wildlife Foundation, and The Cetacean Lab approached the creature with wet blankets and towels, attempting to keep it properly hydrated.

“She cried often, which tore at our hearts,” said a report on the Facebook page Whale Point, official page for an organization called The Cetacean Lab. “As the tide came up there were many cheers as this whale was finally free after 6+ hours of being stuck on this rock.”

“It was a team effort, and fortunately on some level this transient orca understood that we were trying to help,” the post continued.

More information, including a video of the incident, is coming soon.

Whale Point Facebook

Image:Whale Point Facebook


Image: Whale Point Facebook


Image: Whale Point Facebook

Whale Point Facebook

Image: Whale Point Facebook

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