The real woman behind the voice of SkyTrain announcements

Dec 19 2017, 11:07 am

If you are a frequent user of Metro Vancouver’s public transit, you’ve probably mimicked the SkyTrain lady’s voice at some point, and never known who she really is.

“This train is for Waterfront.”
“The next train to arrive on the inbound platform is for YVR Airport.”
“Millennium Line to VCC Clark.”
“The next station is Main Street-Science World.”

The woman behind the voice is Laureen Regan, president of Calgary-based Regan Productions, a video production company.

She is the voice behind all three SkyTrain lines, including the Canada Line, and performed her first announcement recordings 13 years ago for the opening of the Millennium Line.

“I was asked to lay down a few tracks for use in the proposal for the equipment that runs the automated systems,” she told Vancity Buzz. “Some months later, I was told that they had requested my voice for the actual announcements once the system was installed. I was very surprised and delighted.”

When asked about how she felt about having SkyTrain passengers mimicking her voice, Regan said that it makes her smile and that even she used to mimic the voices heard on other trains herself.

“Years ago, when I was going to SAIT in Calgary and riding Calgary’s C-Train I would mimic the voice. I think we can’t help doing it when we hear it over and over as it is part of our daily commute,” Regan said.

The last time Regan rode the SkyTrain system was last January, and she said hearing her own voice always made her smile and laugh. Not only has Regan done the voice for the Vancouver SkyTrain systems, but she is also the voice for Amtrak in Oakland, the light rail in Salt Lake City, and the BART system in San Francisco.

Regan Productions, which is based out of Calgary, has over 17 years of experience and offers their clients interactive and broadcast production for a broad base of business’ and government. They have clients ranging from the Government of Canada to large energy companies.

Regan said that one of her biggest projects was a film shoot across Canada, a project with a scope that reached all three coastlines and the nation’s largest urban centres.

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Feature Image: Laureen Regan