VIVA Treasure: Interactive QR Code Scavenger Hunt on Granville

Dec 19 2017, 7:35 am

Since VIVA Vancouver started in 2009, it has grown in popularity by offering exciting activities and fostering community. It’s an initiative of the City of Vancouver to transform streets into energetic public spaces, build a sense of community, encourage active modes of transportation and support local businesses.

Muprime Technology was selected as one of the local businesses to participate in VIVA Vancouver this coming summer. They will be hosting a pirate-themed event, VIVA Treasure, a part of the Granville portion of VIVA Vancouver. Every weekend this summer, Granville Street will become a pedestrian walkway offering performances, art and street markets. VIVA Treasure is innovating in this domain by re-inventing the community event and re-engaging people who spend more time on the Internet or using their smartphones than at community functions. The QR code scavenger hunt game will provide participants with the opportunity to experience VIVA Granville offline and online via their smartphones. By scanning the QR codes, they will gain access to content relevant to their time and location and even win prizes.

Along with the QR code scavenger hunt, VIVA Treasure will include a range of fun activities available for all ages. From multiplayer games, a custom postcard station, and a 4D Hologram display, there will be something for everyone. The 4D Hologram will feature winners of the QR code scavenger hunt game so they can show off to their friends. So for those without a mobile device there are plenty of other games and opportunities available to have fun and win a prize.

Muprime hopes to showcase downtown Vancouver as the world-class city that it is by engaging locals and visitors with VIVA Treasure. Vancouver is a unique and diverse city and VIVA Treasure will modernize this annual summer event with innovative yet simple technology that locals and visitors alike can relate to.