Virtual Womb art installation comes to Vancouver

Sep 12 2016, 4:48 pm

This is an art show unlike any other.

Toronto-based artist and musician Maylee Todd is bringing her Virtual Womb performance to Vancouver this week.

The interactive display begins by having audience walk through a “large vagina installation” and enter a unique multimedia experience inside the virtual womb.

Audience members watch the show laying down on the floor while Todd performs her music and projections are shown on the ceiling.

The 34-year-old artist says being in the womb creates a feeling of togetherness and equality for audience members.

“One thing I do always say before the show… is anything you identify with that makes you separate from another person– whether that is your age, your race, your gender, your nationality, status – just kind of leave that outside of the vagina if you will. And be ready to be reborn,” Todd told Daily Hive Vancouver.

Todd says the show creates a sense of vulnerability amongst guests because they need to completely let go of all their inhibitions in order to fully take in what the womb has to offer.

“I think there is something very freeing about just exposing all your flaws and weaknesses,” she said. “I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

Maylee Todd’s Virtual Womb 

When: Thursday, September 15 at 10 pm

Where: The Wisehall -1882 Adanac Street

Tickets: $10 available on Eventbrite