Top 3 movies for every type of romantic this Valentine’s Day

Dec 19 2017, 8:05 pm

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means you’re forced to confront this startling reality: you’re either totally smitten, neutral, or just plain sick of love.

Whatever category you find yourself in, you can always resort to the cinematic magic of Hollywood, which offers the perfect remedy for Valentine’s lovers and naysayers alike. Given the variety of genres on the market, there’s a perfect movie for everyone when February 14 rolls around.


We’ve compiled three movies to satisfy every type of romantic this Valentine’s season. And to keep things playful, Virgin Mobile is inviting its Members and other folks to determine your V-Day personality with the Valentine’s Day 4 Play Quiz.

So whether you’re happily single, Tinderella, or head over heels, we want you to have the best Valentine’s Day possible. Choose between these top three cinematic gems to find the perfect flick for this day of love.

For the true romantics: The Notebook 


Image: New Line Cinema, Gran Via & Avery Pix

Convince your boyfriend to watch this one and witness his transformation into the human version of Niagara Falls. Even the most stubborn romantic will be struck by the contagious love of Noah and Ally. After all, they overcome ridiculously pretentious parents, engagements to other people and eventually, an illness. Stop fighting it already and succumb to the roller coaster that is their fiery relationship.

For the haters: Her


Image: Annapurna Pictures

If traditional romance movies take you to a dark place, then Her makes a great match. For those who consider relationships to be a special version of hell, you’ll definitely relate to this one. Watch as the main character, played by Joaquin Phoenix, relays his love to a Siri-operating system in the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Red flag much? This is a great example of unrequited love, so bad that you might feel better about your lack of faith in relationships. Just be thankful that you’re not in one and remember, they’re totally overrated.

For those who don’t know what they want: The Titanic


Image: 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures & Lightstorm Entertainment

If you can’t categorize yourself as a hater or lover, then this one fits the bill.

By the time this whopper is over chances are you’ll be pining for the mad love of Rose and Jack or… positively over it all. As for us? We’ll likely be finding ourselves wanting to be a double in the steamiest scenes.

Not sure where you fit in? Check out this quiz and get paired with a movie or TV moment that fits your romantic personality with the help of the Virgin Mobile Angels. Share the love with your friends by sending them the results you’re matched with. Make sure this V-Day is full of both love and laughter.

Whether you’ve found a lover or not, this year you’re guaranteed to find at least one movie or moment that works. Either way, enjoy your chocolates (even if you buy them for yourself) and let the saga continue.